Saddle Selector

Saddle Selector

We have customers ranging from World Champions all the way to the most casual weekend riders. If there’s one question we hear often from all of them, it’s this: “Which ISM saddle is right for me?” With so many choices in our line, the decision can be daunting. We’ll do our best to make your choice as easy as possible. Rest assured that no matter which ISM saddle you choose, you’ll benefit from the best possible blood flow and protection against numbness of any seat in the world.


For those riding competitive bikes (road, triathlon, mountain, cyclocross, sport hybrid), we recommend choosing from our Performance line. Among these choices, there are five key designs: Short, Long, Narrow, MTB, and Recreation.

Performance Short

From firmest to softest padding, these are the Short saddles: Racing / Time Trial, and Road. Our Short models are best for riders that prefer to sit in one place on the seat, without moving around very much. That often makes them a top choice for triathletes and time trialists, but they may also be used on road bikes, mountain bikes, or sport hybrids, too.

Note: The Racing and Time Trial have the same padding, but the front arms of the Time Trial slope down at an angle, allowing for increased forward hip rotation.

Performance Long

From firmest to softest padding, these are the Long models: Podium, Breakaway, Prologue. These seats were originally introduced for road bikes, although they have become very popular with all disciplines of cycling. Our long saddles are just that – longer than the short saddles. They are great for riders that like to move back while climbing hills, or prefer more saddle area in general.

Performance Narrow

From firmest to softest padding, the Narrow models include: Attack / PN 2.0, PN 1.1. These seats allow for maximum thigh and hamstring clearance, and the most freedom-of-movement of any ISM seat.

Performance MTB

The Peak is our mountain bike-specific seat. With a sloped rear, it allows the rider to easily come up and over the rear of the saddle during technical downhill maneuvers. The Peak also features reinforced Kevlar panels on the sides for improved durability.

Performance Recreation

Our Performance Recreation seats share the same shape as the Performance Short line, but feature very generous padding. This makes them perfect for hybrid bikes, road bikes, triathlon bikes, or any situation where maximum cushion is desired. The Typhoon and PR 1.0 feature thick foam padding, while the Century and PR 2.0 feature both foam and gel padding.


For those riding on more casual bikes (commuter, hybrid, beach cruiser, police bike), we recommend choosing from our Comfort line. We have two key chassis designs, or shapes in this line: Comfort Fitness and Comfort City.

Comfort Fitness

From our Comfort Fitness category, we have the Cruise, Berkley, and Urbaine. The Cruise is the widest ISM seat, perfect for all body shapes and sizes. Our customers tell us it truly is “like sitting on a couch”. The Berkley is very similar to the Cruise, only narrower. Likewise, the Urbaine is narrower than the Berkley. These seats are very popular with spin bikes, hybrids, beach cruisers, and home stationary bikes.

Comfort City

The Touring and Sport make up our Comfort City category. These seats can be comfortably ridden with or without bike shorts, and are very popular with police officers. The Touring is our original seat, while the Sport is similar, only slightly narrower and firmer.


We offer an automated tool to assist you in choosing your ISM seat, which takes into account your mileage, riding style, and other factors. Please begin below to find your perfect choice.