Calling all ISM riders!


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I bought one of your saddles, and after a series of adjustments, dialed it in so that I am very pleased with the results.  I rode a century last week nearly pain/discomfort-free - very impressive.

Thanks for your help,


I wanted to write and say thank you for saving my cycling hobby.  I am fairly new to cycling and only on my third year, just started road racing this year and so have been packing on some miles until a couple of weeks ago when a perineum problem caused me to stop riding all together and I was wondering if I was ever going to be able to ride again.  Even after a two week break and working with my local bike shop with some different saddles I was still not able to ride.  In doing a bunch of research I came across your saddles and reading the testimonies from your site and various other sites I decided to try the Adamo Breakaway.  I did the initial fit according to the instructions and went for my first ride, I didn’t take it easy jumped right back into an aggressive group ride of 38 miles and the seat was great, it took care of all of my perineum problems and I was able to ride in the drops or on the hoods without any pain or numbness.  I can’t say enough about your saddles as they have allowed me to continue my passion for cycling!!

Thank you!

Jim Hoffmann

Since switching to ISM, I have noticed a drastic increase in my power output because of the way the saddle provides proper alignment to a riders pelvis and sit bones – something I had never experienced before on traditional seats.  Their progressive technology has opened the eyes of riders who have been sitting uncomfortably and losing power for years.

Michael Chauner, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

After struggling with numbness on half a dozen saddles I've been very happy with my ISM Attack. It feels great from mile 1 to mile 100!

Ariel Mendez-Penate, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

My ISM saddle has greatly improved my comfort on the bike. Since making the switch to the ISM Adamo I have not had a single saddle sore.

Gavi Epstein, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

I am always looking for comfort and extra power and with an ISM saddle you don’t have to sacrifice on or the other. By far the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden!!!

Kevin Mullervy, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

With the extra power and comfort from my ISM saddle I never want to get off my bike.

Conor Mullervy, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

Even though our ISM saddles look radical and different, they are the most comfortable saddles I've ever ridden. I've found comfort in the ISM Breakaway model.

Adam Leibovitz, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

After breaking my neck as a junior cyclist I've grown to depend on sturdy wide tipped saddles like the ISM Attack.  This saddle allows me to maintain a neutral posture even during aggressive racing, keeping back and neck pain to a minimum.

Isaac Howe, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

ISM saddles have just about saved my life. I am now 59, and have been age-group Time Trial racing for the past nine years.  A little over a year ago, I began to experience ED problems - to the point that after the National Senior Games in July 2013, I felt that unless I found a solution, my racing days (because I did not want to sacrifice my marriage) were over.  Somehow, I discovered ISM saddles - have ridden them exclusively for the past year - and my ED problem is gone.  In fact, I just posted an 8-second faster time on the same course this year! 

Thanks ISM!