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Had a nasty saddle sore & was about to head out for a weeks cycling near Boone NC. Swapped out my regular saddle for my Adamo Road which I had & loved on my TT bike. I was more than pleased with how comfortable the Adamo was on my road bike especially since there wasn't a flat road to be had.

There were no hot spots, or numbness, and I forgot all about the saddle sore. I've heard others complain about climbing in this saddle, but I found the opposite to be true. There is plenty of tail to slide back on, or getting forward when you're tired is far easier than on a nosed saddle. The saddle sore went away so I swapped the seats back, and after one ride on the traditional saddle I was very surprised at how much I hated it! I couldn't believe that I had come to accept that kind of pain and discomfort as normal for so many years. I went out & bought another Adamo Road right away. No, they are not the cheapest on the market, but the two I own cost a lot less than the shelf full of saddles, I have collecting dust in the basement.

Best Regards,

I've been using the ISM Saddle for 2 years now and have a Typhoon on my Specialized Roubaix and my Trek hybrid. The saddle is awesome!  After trying 3 other brands of high end road saddles, I took a chance on the ISM, and wow!! No numbness of any kind, can sit for a century with ease. I rode last week in the CASA River Century and asked my riding buddy whom I have encouraged to try the ISM after 30 minutes, I asked him if he was numb... his response was yes... I told him, that I was not... and so this continued for the entire ride... no pain! It did take a while to get used to... and to get adjusted properly... and now it kinda' feels like I'm sitting on a marshmallow... well, maybe not... but it sure don't hurt!!

- Steve (avid cyclist, 100-150 miles per week)

“The saddle that has rocked my world. 
The ISM Attack is comfortable, well balanced. The Attack allows for a very Agile & Aggressive forward position without being unbalanced, stabilizing your body weight position between bars and saddle and power zone. I'm sold. No matter how you word it, it's top knotch! 
Quite possibly the best saddle I’ve owned. 
Soon Available at Roslag's Cyklar”


-Timothy Winn,
Roslags Cyklar shop in Akersberga, just north of Stockholm, Sweden.

I started riding ISM seats about 3 years ago. I have one on my Road bike and another on my family hybrid. And for Christmas I bought one for my wife's beach cruiser. I must say that I have never ridden a bike seat this comfortable. I used to get a lot of numbness in my feet while riding, but since I started riding ISM, the numbness is gone. Thank you for creating a saddle that makes rides for my entire family more comfortable. 

- Florida Rider

I am a board certified family practice physician and do a fair amount of sports medicine in my practice.  I am an amateur mountain biker but put in about 6-8 hours a week in the saddle on the local trails.  Last year I thought I needed quit mountain biking because I was experiencing cyclistneuropathy (pudendal nerve and/or pudendal artery compression from the pressure of traditional saddles against the perineum.) After trying two other traditional saddles, including the center groove cut outs... the symptoms continued. 

I tried the Adamo Peak (for mountain biking), and had a professional bike fitting, and loved theresult immediately.  No significant ischial bone (sit bones) tenderness, and NO compressiveneuropathy symptoms. ISM's Adamo Peak saddle has kept me on the trail.  I am very much appreciative of such a quality product, and wanted to offer this review to formally say, "Thank you." I have since purchased a second Adamo saddle for my trainer to keep me up to speed over the winter time. 

Thanks again,
Family practice physician,  M.D.

Hi There, I recenly bought a Prologue to fit on my TT Bike. A friend recommended it following my last Ironman. Fitted it to my road bike just to test and was amazed by the level of comfort after a couple of tweaks. Subsequently ordered another one as I am not taking it off my road bike. I live in Berlin, Germany and went for a ride on a very cold Sunday morning. With my previous saddle my nether regions would be very cold and I would not feel comfortable in my tights. However, due to the improved blood flow my midriff felt warmer and I felt much more comfortable in my tights as I did not have that numb feeling down there. Thought you might find the feedback interesting as another USP. Now I am waiting for the Attack as this will go well on the TT bike. 

Regards, Eugene


I'm really not sure what you mean when you say that the "Saddle" will take a little time to get used to.  If you mean that I would have to get used to feeling absolutely no pain the very second that I got on the "Saddle" for the first time, then yes, It does take some time to wrap your head around the idea that you just sat on the best "Saddle" ever made.  I can't imagine ever wanting to use another "Saddle."

Thank you so much for the single best investment I have made for my bike.  I can't tell you what a difference it has made.  I can finally use my bike the way it was intended!

Thanks again,
Leonard J. Lindel, MD

Hi! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help in choosing a new saddle.  I received my new Breakway last week and used it on the trainer a few times to find the proper positioning.  Yesterday was my major ride day in which I was supposed to break the 100mi barrier.  I was a little bit nervous heading out on such a long ride for my first outdoors test of the new saddle, but I brought toold in case I needed to re-adjust and hoped for the best. 

Although I had a little soreness from being positioned on the saddle so much differently from my old saddle, it wasn't all that noticeable.  But, yesterday was my first long ride with absolutely no back tightness and pain.  I kept waiting for the back pain to begin as I kept up in mileagle. But, it never happened.  Additionally, I found that the positioning of the seat forced me to ride further up on the saddle than I used to, which pushed my body closer to proper tri bike positioning meaning I got more out of each pedal with less effort. I always had a habit of sliding to the back of my saddle which made me overextend into aero which was probably the cause of my back pain to begin with.

So, thank you for your personalized help! You have a great company and make a great product and I will endorse it and reccommend it all the way!

Silver Jade Deutch

Having ridden the same bike for over 15 years(!!) I have tried more than 7 different saddles but never been able to tolerate them for more than a few miles at a time, and long rides would become excruciating.

Recently I began to develop numbness in 'the gentleman's area' after approx 5 miles, this prompted me to begin researching the alternatives to the traditional saddle types. I eventually settled on the ISM saddles, found a UK retailer (Trybike ltd.) and invested my £75.00 (The most I had ever spent on a saddle!) All I can say is it works! no more numbness, improved riding position, increased peddle power, improved endurance, I can say in the saddle for mile after mile with out the need to be constantly adjusting my position... the initial soreness has now subsided and I look forward to riding all over again.

Thank you for designing this unique saddle... it has changed cycling for me forever.

Kindest Regards.

Boyd Brighton - UK

Dear ISM, just wanted to remind you of the great product you make for us older generation. I've been riding for the better part of 35 yrs and just thought being numb (down there) was part of the sport. I got smarter 30 years later and started to investigate something more comfortable for the longevity of the sport that I love so much. I've been riding the Sport saddle for 5 years now and would never go back to a seat with a nose. My riding buddies make fun of the bed pan shape but I don't suffer any longer after a long day in the saddle. I'm a mountain biker (not a roadie any longer) and don't get the jolt in my genitals that I use to get with my old saddle. Thanks so much for developing such a great product! Happy Trails.