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This seat has completely changed my life - or at least my enjoyment of cycling, which is a big part of my life.  I used to suffer from the dreaded PNS (Penile Numbness Syndrome).  Even on short 30km rides I was always bouncing around on my old saddle, trying to find a comfortable position, but could never sit still for more than a few minutes.  I just wanted the ride to be over and the PNS to be relieved.  

After doing a bit of online research I came across ISM saddles.  I got the Adamo Road and even on the first ride I was significantly more comfortable.  The PNS had almost vanished, and after making some minor adjustments I can now ride for hours without PNS (maybe a little bit if I really go hard on a TT in an aggressive position, but that could probably be solved with a minor tweak for that ride position).
Anyway, thanks for the great saddles and keep up the good work!

Dear ISM,

I thought it was time to tell my story of how and why I came to using your saddles.

At the beginning of 2013 I got a new bike and decided to take part in a cycle sportive event later in the year.  If I was to do these sportives, I had to increase my daily mile from the few I was doing to commute to work, etc.

This is when the problem started.  At around 12 miles, my right foot stated to go numb and got worse as the ride got longer.  I decide to have a bike fit just in case there was an issue with my bike set up and/or shoes.  The bike fit consisted of taking measurement off me and putting them in a computer... the result of this was my set up was about right.  We had to make a slight adjustment to the saddle and handlebar height, and a small adjustment to my cleats.

Shortly after the bike fit, I completed a 60 mile sportive and my foot was in pain.  It got better after the event, but it took a few days to completely feel normal again.  Over the next few months I was thinking the problem may have to do with my shoes, as I have to wear a couple of sizes bigger due to having wide feet.  What I didn’t realize was I have high arches, I decided to get better fitting shoes and some insoles.  I got this done just before my next 70 mile sportive ride; this turned out to be a great ride with no numbness until 50 mile when I got a pain from my left knee.

Some months had passed and my knee still wasn’t right, so in March of this year I had a specialized bike fit which was completely different than my last fit.  This establishes what level of flexibility you have and looks at your riding technique.  After some more adjustments and a change in saddle, I went back to riding.

The first ride wasn’t very good, and I got back pain and numbness.  Over the next few weeks I couldn’t get the position right and I wasn’t convinced the new saddle was helping.  I returned the saddle and completed my next 60 mile sportive a week or so latter... my foot was sort of okay.  I returned to the finishing area…

This is where ISM comes in.  I noticed a bike with this odd shaped saddle.  After asking the owner what make/model it was and if it was any good, he said it was an ISM and that it’s very comfortable.

After reading the info and rider feedback on your website, what got me interested in your product was the fact it helps keep the blood flow going and reduces the compression on nerves.  Then I contacted you for advice on what type of saddle would suit my type of riding (commuting, sportive, turbo training and use of tri bars) you recommended the Breakaway.

I got the saddle at the end April, and went for a ride.  Within the first few miles my backside was in pain (but this was expected) I stopped to adjust the seat because I was sliding forward a lot.  Over the next couple of months I made adjustments then rode the bike for a while (in some cases was over a week) before making any more adjustments.  I didn’t want to do any hard efforts or judge if my foot still had an issue until I was completely happy with the set up.

The real test was going to be my first 100 mile sportive.  I completed it last month, but was reduced to 87 miles due to bad weather.  During the ride I had no problems… AT ALL.  I completed the course in personal bests for fastest average speed, longest ride and the highest altitude gain.

In summary… Take your time in getting used to the ISM saddle.  It makes a world of difference.  You may be able to sort out numbness without having to go through bike fits.

Thanks ISM!

Ian from the U.K.

I should have written a long time ago.  I purchased your Prologue saddle back in May to replace the factory saddle that came on my P3 (prior to Cervelo making the switch to ISM).  I had been bothered with hip and low back issues for almost three years prior to the change in saddles and have spent many hours and $$ trying to find a remedy.  Ortho, Chiro, PT, massage... you name it and I have tried it.  An Orthopedic suggested that I try an ISM saddle.  I made the switch to the Prologue, and even though I basically ignored your suggested "break in" ride period the results have been PHENOMINAL!  Almost immediately there was no more hip/back/piriformis pain to deal with and almost as important no more pain in the tender region either.  I completed my first Ironman on September 20 in Maryland and can say that without my ISM saddle I know my training and race would not have been as comfortable and maybe not possible at all.  Thanks for an awesome product and for allowing me to train and race PAIN FREE!


Eric Misenheimer


I bought one of your saddles, and after a series of adjustments, dialed it in so that I am very pleased with the results.  I rode a century last week nearly pain/discomfort-free - very impressive.

Thanks for your help,


I wanted to write and say thank you for saving my cycling hobby.  I am fairly new to cycling and only on my third year, just started road racing this year and so have been packing on some miles until a couple of weeks ago when a perineum problem caused me to stop riding all together and I was wondering if I was ever going to be able to ride again.  Even after a two week break and working with my local bike shop with some different saddles I was still not able to ride.  In doing a bunch of research I came across your saddles and reading the testimonies from your site and various other sites I decided to try the Adamo Breakaway.  I did the initial fit according to the instructions and went for my first ride, I didn’t take it easy jumped right back into an aggressive group ride of 38 miles and the seat was great, it took care of all of my perineum problems and I was able to ride in the drops or on the hoods without any pain or numbness.  I can’t say enough about your saddles as they have allowed me to continue my passion for cycling!!

Thank you!

Jim Hoffmann

Since switching to ISM, I have noticed a drastic increase in my power output because of the way the saddle provides proper alignment to a riders pelvis and sit bones – something I had never experienced before on traditional seats.  Their progressive technology has opened the eyes of riders who have been sitting uncomfortably and losing power for years.

Michael Chauner, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

After struggling with numbness on half a dozen saddles I've been very happy with my ISM Attack. It feels great from mile 1 to mile 100!

Ariel Mendez-Penate, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

My ISM saddle has greatly improved my comfort on the bike. Since making the switch to the ISM Adamo I have not had a single saddle sore.

Gavi Epstein, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

I am always looking for comfort and extra power and with an ISM saddle you don’t have to sacrifice on or the other. By far the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden!!!

Kevin Mullervy, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

With the extra power and comfort from my ISM saddle I never want to get off my bike.

Conor Mullervy, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team